West Sutton Little League particpate in a number of tournaments during the ‘closed’ season.

Dutch TournamentRobur et Velocitas Logo

For over 28 years we have been involved with a football club based in Apeldoorn in Holland called Robur et Velocitas. Every other year we play host to 42 children from Apledoorn and arrange a tournament where we invite a number of other Little Leagues to take part. On the alternate years we take a similar number of children to Apeldoorn  to take part in their annual tournament.

National Little League Tournaments

The NEC (our parent organisation) arrange for one or more host leagues to organise the following National tournaments each year:

Girls National Tournament (11-aside and 7-aside).

Boys National U12-U13′s National Tournament (11-aside)

Boys National U10′s Tournament (6-aside)

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