Last Man Standing is a fun competition based on the Premier League where you have to predict a winning team each week until there is a last man standing who takes half the pot with the rest going to the league.

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    Welcome to Last Man Standing, and new fundraising idea from WSLL based on the Premier League. To give you a brief idea of how it works:

    • Each week you pick 1 Premier League team to win their match, if they win you are through to the next round, if they lose or draw, you are OUT!
    • You can only select each Premier league team once so be careful when you pick the big boys.
    • The competition keeps going until we have a ‘last man standing’ who scoops half the pot, with the other half going to WSLL (less a small slice for the website organising this).

    Anyone can play from anywhere in the country/world so get family and friends involved too.

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