Woodland Creatures

The Woodland Creatures offers Girls in school years 2 to 4 their first taste of football. Come along and join in in a relaxed and fun atmosphere where the emphasis is on enjoying football.

We start at 9:30am every Saturday (September to March) with a couple of games of ‘IT’ to warm up. After this we have some time to learn some basic skills ie dribbling, passing and throw ins. We then have some team games where we integrate these skills. At 10:30am we play some 7-aside matches where the girls are put into pre-selected teams. Each game is 12 minutes each half. This brings us to the finish at 11:00am.

Each week 4 girls will receive a trophy to be brought back the?following week, every girl will receive?one of these during the course of the season. All you need to bring is some fluids, suitable?footwear, shinpads??and plenty of layers to keep warm including hats, gloves, scarfs, and earmuffs.

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