Rules of Mini Soccer for Little Leagues

Each game will be played according to the Mini-Soccer playing rules as stipulated by the Football Association except where otherwise stated in these Rules. The following rules will apply to all leagues playing mini soccer (i.e. 7-aside and 5-aside).

All Players

  • Any number of substitutes may be used at any time with the permission of the game leader / referee. Players may re-enter the game and all substitutes must play a minimum of half a game. As far as possible there should be equal playing time for each player.
  • The ball should be no larger than a size 4.
  • Each game will consist of two halves of 25 minutes. The half time interval is a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • The kick off is taken at the centre of the playing area to start the game and after a goal is scored. Opponents must be 4.5 metres away and in their own half.
  • There is no offside.
  • Throw ins should be taken in the normal way.
  • At corner kicks the opposition should be at least 4.5 metres away.
  • All free kicks are direct and the opposition should be at least 4.5 metres away.
  • Penalty kicks are taken from the penalty spot, which is 7.3 metres from the centre of the goal.


  • can handle the ball in the penalty area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take when handling the ball.
  • The six second rule applies*
  • Back passes cannot be handled*
  • may not handle the ball directly from a throw taken by his/her team mate*
  • cannot touch the ball again with his/her hands after it has been released from his/her possession and has not been touched by any other player*
  • cannot handle the ball outside the penalty area
  • can kick the ball on the ground but may then be challenged by opponents

*The penalty for infringement is a free kick taken from the 10 yard line nearest the point where the offence occurred.


  • are taken anywhere within the penalty area – Opponents must retreat to their own half until the ball is in play. The defending team does not have to wait for the opposition to retreat and has the option to restart the game before should they choose to.
  • ball must be kicked out of the penalty area
  • There are no restrictions regarding the number of players allowed in the penalty area during play.
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