West Sutton Little League Rules:  WSLL Rules (County 2018_19)


The up to date fixtures for each league can be found in the relevant page.

The maximum goal difference from any League or Cup game that will be recorded in the results pages and tables is 6 goals.

For example a score of 10:0 will be recorded as 6:0 and a score of 12:2 will be recorded as 8:2.

The Pitch layout for the current season can be found here.

Team Rankings

Ranking of teams in League Tables will be as per the criteria below:

  1. League Points,
  2. Goals  difference,
  3. Goals conceded,
  4. Number of wins
  5. Playing record against each other 

Minimum Squad Playing Sizez

5-aside teams require a minimum of 4 players.

  • 7-aside teams require a minimum of 5 players.
  • 9-aside teams require a minimum of 7 players.
  • 11-aside teams require a minimum of 8 players.

If a team fails to field a minimum squad size then they forfeit the game with the opponents being awarded a 2:0 victory. In this circumstance a friendly game should be played balancing the available players across the two teams.

Boys Leagues:

Girls Leagues


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