WSLL fully supports the FA’s Respect Programme and has launched a free on-line Respect Parent Guide to highlight examples of poor behaviour and, more importantly, how it can be improved. To see the Guide for Parents and carers click here.

WSLL has for many years has had code of  conducts for Players, Managers, Parents and Supporters which are detailed below so please take time to familiarise yourself with them:

Considerations for Others

Several areas of concern are bought to the attention of the WSLL management committee at regular intervals which the committee would like to highlight to parents and players:

  • Cups, cans and general rubbish – please use the waste bins provided as committee members have to spend a long time clearing up after you go home.
  • The path by the cafe is swept after the mornings’ football has finished so would you please make sure that boots, shoes, trainers etc. are cleaned onto the grass and not the path.
  • Parents are reminded that parking MUST be in designated parking spaces only in the main entrance car park. DO NOT USE GRASS VERGES. DO NOT PARK OVER DRIVEWAYS.
  • If you park in Netley Close then please do so with consideration. In the event of a problem emergency vehicles cannot access the area, and you may be liable for a parking ticket.
  • You are reminded that as we are in close proximity to a residential area where noise is a problem. The residents are all for the encouragement of our young players but find abuse and swearing offensive – so do we !!!
  • We must consider the feelings of local residents!

Code of Conduct for Players

West Sutton Little League requires players observe certain standards of behaviour, to make the game more enjoyable and safe for everyone, by:

  • Learning and observing the laws of the game.
  • Never arguing with the referee and other match officials
  • Never using foul or abusive language, or behave badly, towards other players, officials or anyone else.
  • Not taking advantage of an opponent being out of position, when given the ball for a throw in, free kick, etc.
  • Keeping self-control at all times and not retaliating.
  • Never over react when your team scores a goal.
  • Approaching training and matches with the right attitude and commitment, being punctual and preparing properly.
  • Respecting your team mates, manager and trainer.
  • Defeating opponents by skill and not unfair means.
  • Accepting victory modestly and defeat graciously.
  • Being a team player, putting the interests of the team before yourself.
  • Playing for the fun of it, and not just to please parents or managers.
  • Acknowledging your opponents at the end of a game, whatever the result.

Code of Conduct for Managers

The Managers code of conduct exists to protect the children and all involved with running the teams, and to reassure parents/guardians that responsibilities are taken seriously, by;

  • Never arguing with the referee, other match officials or team managers
  • Never using foul or abusive language, or behave badly, towards other players, officials or anyone else.
  • Identifying yourselves to parents/guardians before approaching any of the children, until you know who they are.
  • Only working with groups of children.
  • Not entering a changing room or confined area unless with another adult.
  • Not administering any form of massage, treatment or medication, except on the field of play or the touchline.
  • Never using physical force, bulling or threats to admonish, or correct, inappropriate behaviour, regardless of whether you have consent.
  • Ensuring that players perform within the laws of the game.
  • Ensuring that players and managers acknowledge the opponents at the end of the game, whatever the result.
  • Undertaking to actively ensure compliance to this Code of Conduct, by drawing attention to the league of non-compliance.

Code of Conduct for Parents and Supporters

The Parents/Guardians and Supporters code of conduct is designed to encourage the children to enjoy their sporting achievement, and to gain maximum benefit from their involvement with West Sutton, by;

  • Supporting, encouraging and praising players irrespective of ability.
  • Giving positive feedback.
  • Discussing team matters in private.
  • Respecting opponents and referees.
  • Offering support.
  • No foul, abusive or threatening  language.
  • No violent behaviour.
  • No alcohol or drugs while in attendance.
  • Not putting undue pressure on players.
  • Always encouraging.
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