WSLL League Structure

Boys Leagues:

Seniors (U14s & U12s) – 11-aside

B&T Wanderers Cheam Park Lions
Cheam Warriors Collingwood Knights
Dickson’s Dynamos Initial Colts
Neal’s Nippers  
Sutton United Mustangs Thatched House Hornets

Premiers (U13s & U12s) – 9-aside

Jaguars Leyswood Athletic
Oaks Colts Pobjoy Lions
Treemain Terriers Viron Aces

Intermediates (U11s) - 9-aside

Cotswold Casuals Lumley Leopards
Matlock Marauders Nonsuch Knights
St Dunstans Dynamos West Sutton Warriors

Colts (U11s & U10s) - 7-aside

Hurricanes Jets
Meteors Rockets
Spitfires Vulcans

Bantams (U10s & U9s) - 7-aside

Barbarians Cavaliers
Hunters Saxons
Spartans Vikings

Cadets (U9s & U8s) - 5-aside

Anacondas Boas
Cobras Pythons
Taipans Vipers

Braves (U8s & U7s) - 5-aside

Apaches Cheyennes
Comanches Mohawks
Mohicans Navajos

Juniors (Turn up and Play)

 Boys and Girls section for players waiting to get into a team. Weekly training followed by informal games of football.

Girls Leagues:

Wildcats (U14s, U13s & U12s) - 9-aside

Lions Lynx
Pumas Snow Leopards

Birds of Prey (U12s U11s & U10s) - 7-aside

Eagles Falcons
Hawks Ospreys


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