WSLL Promotions Policy

WSLL is structured so that each team will have a mix of players spanning two school years. The number of players from each school year varies over time as a result of players joining and leaving the league. The flexibility of the structure therefore allows the league to move players up the league structure to fill gaps that get created when players leave the league.  

Temporary Replacements  

CANNOT be refused if you have more than 5, 7, 9 or 11 players and one or more of your players are of a suitable age to play for the next league up or down.  Teams should request a player from their aligned team (usually playing at the same time).  Managers may advise other Managers that they will be looking for a player prior to Saturday and it is up to the Manager loaning a player to decide who should be lent (of the correct league age). Teams refusing to loan a player will be penalized. Managers must rotate the players who they send as a temporary replacements; it would be unfair to always send the same child.    

Permanent Replacements  

These can be made from the league section below with a player of the correct league age or requested from the Juniors (in which case the League Secretary will decide who is the next player to be promoted).  Permanent replacements CANNOT be refused and Managers must release players. Promotions are effective 7 days later.   The LL structure is organized such that players can be promoted mid-season and is essential to ensure all team squads are up to strength.    

  • If players do not move up this will result in teams without sufficient players which will be unfair on the players in that team – and because of imbalances, will weaken the competition – and enjoyment – of the other teams in the section.
  • Teams short of players will be looking for temporary replacements week on week which is not ideal for anyone.
  • Promotions mean players get to play at the highest level possible which is good for their development
  • Promotions enable younger players to join the league and thereby enabling the League to provide football for as many children as possible.
  • Permanent promotions help regulate the lower league as Managers will naturally look at the teams below them who are doing well. This will improve the competition in the lower league thereby improving the enjoyment for all the players.
  • If a team was allowed to refuse promotions, they would be taking an unfair advantage
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