Code of Conduct for Players

West Sutton Little League believes that we observe certain standards of behaviour, to make the game more enjoyable and safe for everyone, by:

  • Learning and observing the laws of the game
  • Never arguing with the referee and other match officials
  • Never using foul or abusive language, or behave badly, towards other players, officials or anyone else
  • Not taking advantage of an opponent being out of position, when given the ball for a throw in, free kick, etc
  • Keeping self-control at all times and not retaliating
  • Never over react when your team scores a goal
  • Approaching training and matches with the right attitude and commitment, being punctual and preparing properly
  • Respecting your team mates, manager and trainer
  • Defeating opponents by skill and not unfair means
  • Accepting victory modestly and defeat graciously
  • Being a team player, putting the interests of the team before yourself
  • Playing for the fun of it, and not just to please parents or managers
  • Acknowledging your opponents at the end of a game, whatever the result
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