Code of Conduct for Managers

This code of conduct exists to protect the children and all involved with running the teams, and to reassure parents/guardians that responsibilities are taken seriously, by:

  • Never arguing with the referee, other match officials or team managers.
  • Never using foul or abusive language, or behave badly, towards other players, officials or anyone else.
  • Identifying yourselves to parents/guardians before approaching any of the children, until you know who they are.
  • Only working with groups of children.
  • Not entering a changing room or confined area unless with another adult.
  • Not administering any form of massage, treatment or medication, except on the field of play or the touchline.
  • Never using physical force, bulling or threats to admonish, or correct, inappropriate behaviour, regardless of whether you have consent.
  • Ensuring that players perform within the laws of the game.
  • Ensuring that players and managers acknowledge the opponents at the end of the game, whatever the result.
  • Undertaking to actively ensure compliance to this Code of Conduct, by drawing attention to the league of non-compliance.
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