Who is West Sutton Little League?

WSLL is a registered charity that provides free football for children in school years 2 to 8 (9 for girls) who would not otherwise play regularly for their schools or other organisations. The emphasis is on participation, enthusiasm and endeavour rather than ability and elitism. Players are encouraged to develop team spirit, self discipline and sportsmanship.

How do I join WSLL?

You will find us every Saturday between 9:00am and 12:30pm adjacent to the pavilion in Cheam Recreation Ground which is just off the Malden Road in Cheam. Free parking is available in Tudor Close and the surrounding roads. Please turn up at our desk where you will be asked to fill in a simple registration form. That’s all it takes!

Turn Up and Play for Boys (Juniors) and Girls (Woodland Creatures) Training

Training and practice matches are organised every Saturday morning at 9.30am. Please arrive early to let the children warm up, thank you.

Our Junior sections are a fine starting point for youngsters who want to play football. All boys and girls in school year 2 and above are welcome whether beginners or not. They will receive training followed by one or more small sided games every Saturday morning. All they need is a pair of boots (we have a selection of spare boots and you are welcome to borrow a pair), some shinpads, and a smile on their face.


As they get older and stronger, boys and girls will progress steadily through the many teams we run catering for ages up to school year 9. During the course of the season some players decide to stop creating gaps. WSLL has put in place a procedure for promoting players to fill the gaps – full details can be found on our Promotions Policy page. As the gaps appear several children will be promoted during the season, whilst the boys and girls may be apprehensive about this, experience shows that they very quickly settle in to their new team. Parents and Managers are asked to give every encouragement to the promotion to ensure it proceeds as smoothly as possible. Promotions may either be permanent or sometimes for the occasional Saturday. We hold trials for places in our oldest teams early in the summer to determine which team they will be allocated – we aim to place all children who attend at least two of the trials into a team. Details will be sent to registered players at the appropriate time, when your child is old enough (school years 6, 7 and 8).

If your son or daughter is attending the Turn Up and Play sections then they will be promoted to a team as and when a place becomes available. Each league has an age profile so we consider all of the children of the appropriate age as well as how long they have been with the league and how often they have been attending. For this reason it is important that you son or daughter ensure they get their name ticked off each week.

WSLL Weather Line

We usually continue to play in light rain or showers. If the weather is too bad, or if the pitches are waterlogged (which could still apply even if there has been no rain for 24 hours), frozen solid, or under three feet of snow, the games may be called off. To find out, call the answerphone service AFTER 8.30 am on 07410 988455. Please DO NOT call before that time. MANY PARENTS DON’T REALISE JUST HOW COLD A FOOTBALL FIELD CAN BE. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR BOY OR GIRL HAS WARM CLOTHES ON, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS BREEZY OR WET. SEVERAL LAYERS UNDER THE FOOTBALL KIT ARE RECOMMENDED IN WINTER, PLUS AN ANORAK TO PUT ON AFTER THE GAME. TRACK SUIT BOTTOMS AND GLOVES MAY BE WORN ON THE PITCH IN WINTER.


Spectators are always very welcome and we would like someone staying who is responsible for that child, particularly in the lowest age group. Most kids like to see their parents cheering on the sidelines, even if they don’t admit it. The cafe will be open for a hot drink or a hot dog to make the morning even more enjoyable.


Please encourage the players when they do well rather than shouting at them when they make mistakes. All we ask of the players is that they try their best and enjoy their football. Saturday mornings at Little League are FUN!


Shinpads must be worn. We recommend you invest in a good quality pair. Chewing sweets or gum on a football pitch is dangerous. Likewise, eating a hotdog etc during the half time break is not recommended, nor are fizzy drinks. Boys and girls should not wear earrings, watches etc while playing football.

First Aid

We are fortunate in having the services of fully trained 1st Aid personnel every week.

Child Protection

We have a Child Protection Policy and all our helpers are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau in accordance with their rules.

Family Members

Although no charge is made to the children for their football (except any subs to cover the cost of training facilities for the older children) we do ask all parents to show their support by becoming Family Members. The cost at only £35 a year is a major source of income for the league. If any parents are unable to afford the cost, a confidential word with the Secretary (Charles Jeffery 020 8641 2611) will resolve the problem. Members receive a discount at some local sports shops, may attend our AGM’s, put forward propositions, or stand for election to the Committee.

Helping the League

The League is run by people like you – the parents of the kids. All the adults are unpaid volunteers, including the managers, coaches and referees. So that we can continue to flourish, we ask all parents to lend a hand by supporting our social / fundraising ventures, or taking a referees course, or becoming a Team Manager, or helping put up or take down the equipment, or …. whatever turns you on!! Please tell us what you’d like to do.


If you or your company would like to help by sponsoring a team, please contact our Charles Jeffery on 020 8641 2611. Read more…

Computer Records

The details you filled in on the application form are held on computer. If you advised us of any medical problems these are passed on to the relevant team manager so they can discuss with you any precautions that might be relevant. If you wish to inspect the details held, please contact Malcolm Ash on 020 8642 4491.


Parents are welcome to take photographs of their children playing football. The league takes photographs of the children playing football from time to time and these may appear on our website. If you have a problem with this please contact the desk. WSLL adhere to the principles of the FA Photography Guidelines.

Lost Property

Please check at the desk. It helps if you label clothes, bags etc with your child’s name. After two months, lost property is disposed of.


We have had a request from the Parks Constabulary to ask all parents not park on any of the grass verges.  I know it’s frustrating to arrive late, only to find all car parking spaces gone, and the easy thing to do is park on one of the grass verges, please don’t, I would hate for any of you to end up with a parking ticket or worst of all, having your car towed away. so plan an alternative parking space, even if it’s 5 minutes walk away. If it is possible for you to walk to the park, please do so. We understand that action will be taken against those who ignore these warnings. Thank you in anticipation of your help in this matter.

Results Tables

The maximum goal difference from any League or Cup game that will be recorded in the results pages and tables is 6 goals.

Teams are ranked in the results table as follows:

  1. Number of Points
  2. Goal Difference
  3. Goals Conceded
  4. Number of Wins
  5. Playing record against each team

Note: In the case where the same team wins the league in both halves of the season but a different team finishes second in each half.  The runner-up will be determined by establishing which of the two runner-up teams have the better playing record for the season using the criteria above.

League Games: 2 Points for a win, and 1 point for a draw

Cup Games: 2 Points for a win, and 1 point for a draw. An extra point is awarded for teams winning by two or more clear goals.

Note: In accordance with FA rules result tables will not be produced for teams with a league age of U8 or less (Braves and Woodland Creatures)

Remember at WSLL:-

Playing for pleasure is more important than winning at all costs!

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