Tackling Transport Scheme

WSLL has signed up to Sutton’s Tackling Transport Schemes for the last two seasons which aims to encourage children and their families to walk, cycle or using public transport when travelling to/from the Park for all or part of their journey.

2009 – 2010 Season

Step Pedal and Jump Scheme

Full details of the scheme can be found at www.smartertravelsutton.org/steppedaljump

step2This year’s scheme was launched on the 26th September when the Tackling Transport Team set-up a marquee in the park and handed out the score cards. 

The scheme ran for four weeks and footballers were asked to log four journeys (excluding travelling to school) detailing the reason, destination and the mode of transport.

The scorecard incorporated a travel questionnaire to be completed by the player and their parent / carer, and, a competition for players to tell the Tackling Transport teams how sustainable travel can benefit them, their Little League and the neighbourhood

Players will receive a free gift when collecting their scorecard.

 step1Benefits for the Little League and the Players

Reduced taffic congestion on match days

Improved fitness through walking and cycling to the park

WSLL earns £1 for each player that returns a completed scorecard

WSLL will recieve a £200 lump sum payment if there is a 10% reduction in car usage


Smarter Travel Sutton is offering free cycle training to families who want to learn how to cycle more confidently. Simply call 020 8770 6455 to book a session. New cycle parking has been installed in the park and other locations throughout the borough. Walking and cycling advice and journey planners can be found at www.smartertravelsutton.org

2008 – 2009 Season

Park and Ride Scheme


Each child was given the opportunity to collect a sticker each week (from the desk) providing they walked or cycled a specified distance to WSLL. There were 3 sets of 6 stickers to collect, each representing a different prize level – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Sticker booklets were provided at the start of the season with3 tear-off postcards, one for each level. Levels are achieved each time a postcard is filled with a set of 6 stickers. The Children could then exchange their completed postcards for a prize at each level. Those completing every prize level were entered into a grand draw to win 4 tickets to the 2009 FA Community Shield at Wembley. 

It is hoped that by getting people to walk or cycle we will reduce the traffic levels around the park on Saturday mornings whilst at the same time increasing everyone’s fitness level. 




What if footballers live beyond a suitable walking or cycling distance from their Little League club?

step4 It was recognised that it may not be practical to walk or cycle all the way to the Little League ground. We therefore identified an ‘exclusion zone’ around the ground representing a 10 minute walk from the zone boundary. Footballers could qualify for stickers as long as they had walked or cycled from the edge of this zone. Those living within the zone qualified stickers providing they walked or cycled.

Maps were included in each sticker booklet to identify the exclusion zone. 


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