West Sutton Little League (WSLL) was established in 1974 following a public meeting arranged by the Little League Football governing body. WSLL provides football for approximately 650 children in the Borough, playing on Saturday mornings in the Park at Cheam Recreation ground, between 9.00am and 12.30pm. The League is managed by a full committee consisting of all team managers plus an executive committee consisting of nominated officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer etc). All Managers, assistants, match officials and other helpers give their time on a voluntary basis.

  • West Sutton Little League is entirely run by volunteers
  • West Sutton Little League particpate in a number of tournaments during the ‘closed’ season.
  • The League is well known within its catchment area and advertises its presence in local libraries and schools – hardly a week goes by without new children signing up to play football.
  • The girls section continues to grow and has given us a strong basis for expanding girls’ football in the West Sutton area. 

The League has a well-defined Child Protection policy and an equal opportunities policy. All helpers are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) previously knows as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) via Surrey FA.

Each division plays in a League and Cup competition (except for the Braves and Woodland Creatures) during the season and also compete for sportsmanship trophies. The match official for the 11-aside teams awards “sportsmanship” points and at the end of the season the team in each division that has most points is awarded a sportsmanship trophy. For the 7-aside teams the managers in each division vote for the team they feel has been the most sporting during the course of the season.

In July and August 2002 we launched a girls section and ran a number of  ’taster sessions’ with the assistance of coaches from Fulham FC. During the Autumn of 2002, we continued to run training sesssions and in February 2003 started the Birds of Prey division with 4 teams playing 7-aside football. Since then the girls section has continued to flourish where we now have over 150 girls regularly playing football. Due to the growth of girls football,  the Surrey FA has requested that the girls divisions work towards conforming to FA rules regarding the maximium of age spread of two years per division. WSLL hopes through word-of-mouth and advertising in the local schools to be able to increase the number of girls playing to meet the FA requirements in the coming season.

The League plays all its games at “home” and therefore is able to build strong links with the families many of whom either run or work for local firms. This enables the League to interact with the wider community and obtain sponsorship from local businesses. The League hopes to expand the links it has with local businesses in order to secure sponsorship deals to enable us to meet our running costs.

WSLL is a non-profit making organisation and is a registered charity. As no direct charge is made to play football, in order to cover expenses of facilities, equipment, insurance, trophies etc all parents are actively requested to become family members of WSLL at the current cost of £20 per year “in the knowledge that their child will be treated exactly the same, whether or not they can afford to pay”? In addition, parents are requested to support the fundraising events that happen through the year. These events make a significant contribution to the financial well being of the League and without this income the League would struggle to survive financially. WSLL also has a number of individual and commercial sponsors who support our work. To read more about WSLL, please click on the links below:

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